Contemporary Mexican Literature

Dalkey Archive Press has published a great anthology of contemporary Mexican literature. The selections are excellent but what makes it very special is that the entire anthology is bilingual (dual-language). This is your chance to brush off that High School Spanish and at the same time get a strong introduction into a fertile group of writers you might not know even existed. Here is the list of authors (and works) included in the anthology:

  • Vivian Abenshushan (La cama de Lukin)
  • Alvaro Enrigue (Sobre la muerte del auter)
  • Eduardo Antonio Parra (Cuerpo presente)
  • Cristina Rivera-Garza (Nostalgia)
  • Jorge F. Hernádez (True Friendship)
  • Ana García Bergua (Los conservadores)
  • Rosa Beltrán (Shere-Sade)
  • Enrique Serna (Tesoro viviente)
  • Juan Villoro (Mariachi)
  • Fabio Morábito (Los crucigramas)
  • Francisco Hinojosa (La munda boca)
  • Daniel Sada (El fenómeno ominoso)
  • Guillermo Samperio (La mujer de la gabardina roja)
  • Hernán Lara Zavala (A golpe de martillo)
  • Héctor Manjarrez (Fin del mundo)

This is a big book and I might wager that your half-forgotten Spanish will get a major octane boost by the time you’re half-way through this book. Looks like a clear winner!

What are your thoughts on this?

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