I skimmed over an article this morning discussing whether the results of today’s NFL playoff game will decide whether there is actually a god in heaven looking after his flock.Now I only have a cursory knowledge of Tim Tebow and not only haven’t I seen him play but I don’t think I have seen anyone play this season. They always put those pesky football games on when I am busy reading and can’t take time off for mindless entertainment. But I do know (sort of) that Tebow openly prays before, during, and after the game and I seem to remember a photo some time back with scripture notation on a players face using the lampblack like a blackboard (I assume this was Tebow but I might be wrong).

Anyway, while accessing Yahoo I learned that the presumably evil New England Patriots had chewed up Denver and spit them out. Now does this then mean there is no god? (I know, the excuse is that Tim didn’t fall on one knee to pray often enough, otherwise Denver would have won.) I also saw a blurb that expressed a strong curiosity about the reception Tebow would receive if he was a devout Moslem.

But there were a number of things that magnified this event. First, I have heard on more than one occasion that if Jesus told Rick Perry to run for President, who was it that told Michele Bachmann to run? Maybe Jesus was bored and just wanted to let his chosen people have a few laughs, after all, is there any other way to explain Herman Cane? It has always been one of my biggest conundrums when I read about two countries of the same faith that have gone to war against each other, each proclaiming the god is on their side (thank you Bob Dylan).

But the best thing I saw on this subject, and maybe one of the best satirical performances I have experienced in years, was Jimmy Fallon doing a spot-on performance by Tebowie (Tim Tebow and David Bowie in one). It has gone viral so look up the video and enjoy. One last thing:  someone was discussing football players wearing tights, running around slapping each other on the butt, having fun in the locker room, not to mention those showers, and the comparison to David Bowie (or Ziggy Stardust) might not be too farfetched.

Video at:  http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/video/Tebowie-11212/1378838

While we’re at it, if you missed the SNL skit where Jesus Christ shows up at the Denver Bronco’s locker room, it’s funny but not as imaginative as the Jimmy Fallon bit.

Video at:  http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/tebow/1374394

One thought on “Tebowie

  1. I saw that Tebowie skit and died a million deaths of laughter. It really is one of the best, most perfectly done satires I’ve seen. The SNL one was pretty fun too but exactly as you said, not nearly as creative. Jimmy Fallon is incredibly talented.


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