Better than Bush?

Remember when Rick Perry suggested that Texas should secede from the union? We learned then (those of us not in the state of Texas) that Perry was a more authentic version of George W. Bush. Then as the GOP campaign started rolling, the cries went out for Perry to enter the race and put any further confusion to rest with his consummate skills in campaigning:  the preliminaries were almost over with Perry and the other candidates might as well go home. Add to this the very impressive money behind Perry and it was literally over, that is until Rick Perry opened his mouth.

I sit here with a Perry brochure that came in the mail today. Two more from yesterday are in the trash bin behind my desk chair. Since I knew that Rick Perry had thrown in the towel last night, all I could think of was how many homeless people could have been helped by the money Perry’s organization wasted on these colorful brochures that were so carefully designed to mislead me into thinking Perry was the savior of the Republican Party and needed my support to fend off the other candidates that were clearly in league with one or more of the subordinate demons from Hell.

Reading around the web, I was reminded of all the wasted time and money spent to show America what an idiot the governor of Texas really was. I never would have believed it possible but I actually read comparisons that made Dubya look good.

Alongside the remembrances of Perry’s gaffs, stumbles, and general stupidity, I was also reminded of the dangerous and often mendacious things this buffoon advocated:  Social Security is a Ponzi scheme; the head of the Federal Reserve might face bodily injury if he showed up in Texas; Medicare is unconstitutional; Obama is a socialist; the United States should re-invade Iraq; etc. The only thing stupider than Rick Perry, it seems to me, are the rich backers of his candidacy that wasted all the money from those Bush tax-breaks on Rick instead of creating jobs like they insist they do.

So Perry is an idiot; he wasted an embarrassing amount of money that could have done good for the society; and the GOP at one time considered him the best man to represent them as President of the United States. Rick Perry can go back to Texas and crawl into a hole but the money is gone and the GOP is still clueless.

What are your thoughts on this?

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