Vote Republiklan

The Republicans have an unshakable ideology; they just don’t have any people worthy of being a leader of this country.

Here I sit in South Carolina where more than one person has asked me if I was going to vote Saturday (today). You see, in South Carolina we have open primaries. This means that I don’t have to be a Republican to vote in the Republican primary. Several acquaintances suggested they were going to vote in the other party’s primary to skew the results to further weaken the GOP’s chances. I stopped to consider this tactic and I immediately rejected it. I am certain I do not know the best way to vote and might end up making it better when I wanted to make it worse, or was it supposed to be worse when I wanted it better?

Think about it. I would like to send Romney home early, so I should vote for Gingrich. But I surely don’t want Newt to win, so maybe I should vote for Santorum. But if any candidate wins the slimy award it’s Santorum so that leaves Ron Paul and I don’t want to associate myself with his politics, ever. I did notice that Rick Perry was still on the ballot even though he went home to stand in the corner, but a vote for Rick could only be in support of the good laughs we all had while Perry was an active candidate, and I laughed less than most since I knew that Perry was actually representative of far too many Americans. Where is Huntsman when you need him?

So just because I can vote in the Republican primary and maybe make a statement against the Republican candidates as a whole, I really can’t cast any vote without taking the chance that it will backfire.

Now it is early evening and I see that Newt Gingrich is projected as the winner of the South Carolina Republican primary. Doesn’t the GOP have enough overt racism already? When is the next primary? I expect that Romney and his Super-PAC will be unloading millions of dollars of dirt, exposing Gingrich’s sordid, egotistical and highly corrupt past. It’s going to get bloody before it gets better and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeb or Sarah didn’t at least try to step in and throw themselves under the wheels of the clown car.

What are your thoughts on this?

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