New Discussion Topics

Every book discussion group needs periodic refreshment: new topics to argue illogically. Keeping the Rules and Myths of Literature in mind, I made these suggestions (each poorly thought out in advance) to a large online reading group:

  • Do you fall into a spiraling debt cycle every time you get a new Levenger’s catalog in the mail?
  • Is a Barnes & Noble membership card really an advantage? (see Question 1).
  • Is it true that all great English Literature is actually Irish?
  • When hi-lighting important passages in Steven King you should use
    • Yellow
    • Pink
    • The question is not logical.
  • Do you suspect that Jacques Derrida was evil (or at least you think so since you don’t really understand him anyway)?
  • Was the first book you remember reading about a horse or a dog?
  • Did Question 6 accurately determine your sex?
  • Do you have $300.94 plus $3.99 for shipping to buy Understanding Poetry?
  • Can you send it to me?
  • Does Dr. Atkins deserve the Nobel Prize?
  • How many rhetorical variations of lying and cheating can you identify on the broadcast news each night?
  • Why are there two sandwiches called “Sloppy Joe” and who is Joe?
  • Do you think Laurence Sterne is as funny as Myron Cohen? Tony Clifton? Glenn Beck?

We all have events in our lives that we regret deeply. One of mine is this: at the end of Freshman English I sold my copy of Brooks & Warren back to the student bookstore for a dollar.

Note that when this was originally posted (2012) Understanding Poetry was less than $40; with this formatting update I checked and Understanding Poetry is now just less than one hundred dollars (oh what will I do with that extra nickel?).

What are your thoughts on this?

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