New Discussion Topics

Any discussion group needs periodic refreshment—new topics to argue illogically. To this end I make these suggestions (each poorly thought out in advance):

1.  Do you fall into a spiraling debt cycle every time you get a new Levenger’s catalog in the mail?
2.  Is a Barnes & Noble membership card really an advantage? (see Question 1).
3.  Is it true that all great English Literature is actually Irish?
4.  When hi-lighting important passages in Steven King you should use
a. Yellow
b.  Pink
c.  The question is illogical.
5.  Do you suspect that Jacques Derrida was evil (or at least you think so since you don’t really understand him anyway)?
6.  Was the first book you remember reading about a horse or a dog?
7.  Did Question 6 accurately determine your sex?
8.  Do you have $62.95 to buy Understanding Poetry?
9.  Can you send it to me?
10.  Does Dr. Atkins deserve the Nobel Prize?
11.  How many rhetorical variations of lying and cheating can you identify on the news each night?
12.  Why are there two sandwiches called “Sloppy Joe” and who is Joe?
13.  Do you think Laurence Sterne is as funny as Myron Cohen? Tony Clifton? Glenn Beck?

What are your thoughts on this?

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