Does Grover Norquist hate America?

There’s an interesting essay over at “Truthout”:  Legislators Who Sign the Anti-Tax “Norquist Pledge” Are Enemies of the People and the Constitution. Definitely worth reading!

One of the replies to the article gives both a good response but also a concise depiction of what is wrong in America. N M Ray writes:

The Republican Party in 2012 hates the U.S. Government. They hate every Agency and everything about it – except for the Military! They don’t like the fact that the United States is inhabited by people of all races, colors, religions, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations and if they could just go back 160 years they would have fought and surrendered at Appomatox!

They don’t like the fact that a democratic government allows ALL people to vote. They don’t like the fact that a progressive tax policy works best. They don’t like public schools.

The problem is that Republicans do like Voter Fraud. They know how to do it and they do it well. They have worked hard to diminish the number of eligible voters by making it harder for Democratically inclined voters to be eligible to cast their ballots. They stole the election in 2000 and installed Chief Justice Roberts and his puppet Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court. Scalia and Puppet Thomas are not going to listen to any reasoned argument that limits their power.

Grover Norquist could never be elected dog catcher. But, he has captured the will of the Republican Party. Today, the greatest threat to the United States Government is the Republican Party.

It’s unbelievable that one man, unelected and undemocratic, can wield such influence over the government of this country. Read the article above and decide for yourself if the legislators in both state and federal governments should be held accountable for their illegal, unconstitutional actions made evident by signing a pledge that automatically made them enemies of the people.

Let me know if I should start heating up the tar and plucking the chickens.

What are your thoughts on this?

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