XFX: Parabola

The current book selection at Experimental Fiction is Parabola by Lily Hoang (Chiasmus Press, 2008. 336pp)

This is the write-up at Amazon:

The simple act of a butterfly flapping its wings, and our journey begins. A tracing modern day mythologies, PARABOLA weaves through genres, mathematical formulas, and photographs, all while following the curve of a parabola, stopping at various points to pick up strands of intersections or stories. Lily Hoang’s debut novel offers readers tender snapshots of an Asian-American girl coming-of-age juxtaposed with the Pythagorean belief in numerology placed right beside a physical manifestation of dark matter contrasted with interactive IQ, personality, and psychological tests. Smart, challenging, sad, and kind, by the end of Parabola, you will have moved through every emotion, and you will end right where you began, with that simple act of a butterfly flapping its wings.

I skipped the last selection (Jesus Freaks) for the terribly clichéd reason that I couldn’t find my copy of the book. But I have Parabola right in front of me and flipping through the pages I see that I will not be bored by a traditional, straight-forward novel. I looked around a bit and the author has a couple of newer books published and has won several literary prizes. I think the prizes and the publishers themselves suggest the direction of the author’s writing and I see a challenged.

Lily Hoang’s first book, PARABOLA, won the Chiasmus Press Un-Doing the Novel Contest. She is also the author of the novel CHANGING (Fairy Tale Review Press) and the forthcoming novel THE EVOLUTIONARY REVOLUTION (Les Figues Press, 2009-10). She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of English & Women’s Studies at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana.

Un-Doing the Novel:  I love it!

What are your thoughts on this?

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