Beyond Capitalism

Let’s see:  the government is incapable of actually governing this country because it is more concerned with political advantages, corporate kickbacks, and insistence on party ideologies at the expense of the welfare of the country. Add to this the widening gap between the wealth of the few and the insistence of some politicians to further increase that wealth at the expense of citizens who are in need of assistance; throw in an understanding that as a regular citizen you may be promised much but the facts are clear:  you will never be rich, you will never be powerful, and you can never radically change the government of this country.

Most of us are helpless before the power of the government and the power of the corporations. Clearly, Capitalism is not working no matter how many lies we hear. The country is probably better considered a Fascist state and I’m not sure there are not a few conservatives that consider the Feudal system a good model.

Are we all doomed?

Gar Alperovitz has written an interesting book called America Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming our Wealth, Our Liberty, and our Democracy. His message is that as the country or the world, for that matter, breaks apart, there are opportunities in the opening cracks to introduce real innovation into the society and economy and not just slogans and mendacity.

What if masses of people stopped trying to reform an increasingly unworkable system and instead focused on constructing an economy of shared institutions that were fundamentally fair, just, respectful and sustainable? — Maria Armoudian

Any such movement requires honesty and faith in other people, two attributes which are not receiving much attention nowadays. I suspect that the major corporations and powerful rich people will crush any movement as soon as it begins to threaten their hegemony (witness the Occupy movement), but it could work. Actually there are small programs around the country that fit the model. Perhaps if it starts small and grows quietly it will survive the greed, distrust, and mendacity that that controls this country, its politicians and its economy.

You never know.

What are your thoughts on this?

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