Protecting men’s bodily fluids

Protecting men’s bodies from government intervention has been demonstrated as a vital freedom issue in Oklahoma. In an interview shown on The Daily Show, one legislator pooh-poohed the ridiculous comparison of this government intrusion into the lives and bodies of men with such draconian Oklahoma laws as legislating that life begins at conception which denied women any rights over their own bodies.

The furor was over a bill introduced by a female legislator which declared that life begins not with the results but with the ingredients:  male masterbation would have been against the law if the bill had passed (resoundingly defeated by the same men that regularly vote to control women’s bodies). The bill actually read that the depositing of sperm or semen in any place other than a woman’s vagina was illegal. That would put a serious crimp in the porn industry in Oklahoma, assuming those Sooners have been exposed to internet sex (they do have the internet there, right?).

It was never mentioned but one wonders if menstruation would be a misdemeanor or a felony in Oklahoma?

What are your thoughts on this?

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