In the last post on Louis-Ferdinand Céline I mentioned that I was reading his novel, Normance. This novel (which I am still reading) tells the story of the bombing of Paris during World War II. The original title—Féerie pour une autre fois, II—makes it clear that Normance is the sequel to Fable For Another Time. Here is an excerpt from the blurb on the back cover of the Dalkey Archive Press edition of Normance:

… this account of an air raid on Paris during World War II throws the readers into a world in which human aggressions, appetites, and suspicions come boiling to the surface in preposterous dimensions. A frantic narrator, in search of complicity, relates the story of an apocalyptic ballet that leaves reason and order in shreds. As bombing turn Montmarte into an underworld teeming with dirty deeds, our guide resists the inhumanity with animal desperation and twisted hilarity. Céline animates these events with the exuberance and speed of his unhinged style, fully developed and uninhibited, and fully his own.

Céline is an author you must experience. If you are new to Céline, start with his first novel, Journey to the End of Night.

What are your thoughts on this?

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