Global Warming Debunked

One of the key arguments for man-made global warming are the changes to the heights of the oceans. It seems they only got it half right:  the oceans are growing and the cause is man-made, but it isn’t global warming or any other kind of climate change.

Off the coast of Florida, to the north of the Bahamas and within the mysterious area known as the Devil’s Triangle, several large container ships and tankers have been forced to make an unexpected course correction to avoid an undersea island which as yet has not been represented on the standard navigation charts. Preliminary inspection by oceanographers has detected what appears to be a new land-mass rising up from the ocean floor. Two scientific expeditions were sent to explore the region and report on the curious but not unique geological event. After several controlled dives to a depth in excess of 100 meters, the expeditions both announced that they had found an enormous undersea depository for the detritus of earlier generations of Americans.

A new expedition is being sent out to the site to take critical core samples which will verify the depth and age of this rapidly expanding pile of debris.

At this time divers have identified items such as—Typewriters, Eight-Track Tapes, Bakelite Telephones, and Wham-O Products—and scientists are certain that several of the loose parts discovered in the debris are from a 1988 Yugo.

So you see, global warming is debunked and those thousands of scientists were all in on the hoax.

What are your thoughts on this?

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