Books of Note for May

At the end of each month I post the book titles that I have indicated daily during the month. You may accept these entries as recommendations for reading but remember that in most instances, I too am just going on recommendations and will not know how good a book is until I read it:  the same goes for you and your opinion. Read the book and then decide …

May books of note:

05-01-12 The Poe Shadow — Matthew Pearl
05-02-12 The Spoils of Poynton — Henry James
05-03-12 Death With Interruptions — José Saramago
05-04-12 Germinal — Émile Zola
05-05-12 The Fifth Queen — Ford Madox Ford
05-06-12 Daniel Deronda — George Eliot
05-07-12 Closing Time — Joseph Heller
05-08-12 Diary of a Country Priest — Georges Bernanos
05-09-12 Chromos – Felipe Alfau
05-10-12 Mansfield Park — Jane Austen
05-11-12 Gargantua and Pantagruel — François Rabelais
05-12-12 Quo Vadis — Henryk Sienfiewicz
05-13-12 Life on the Mississippi — Mark Twain
05-14-12 The House of Ulysses – Julían Ríos
05-15-12 Berg — Ann Quin
05-16-12 Bend Sinister — Vladimir Nabokov
05-17-12 Candy — Maxwell Kenton
05-18-12 Abyssinian Chronicles — Moses Isegawa
05-19-12 Author, Author — David Lodge
05-20-12 Women In Love — D. H. Lawrence
05-21-12 Mendel’s Dwarf — Simon Mawer
05-22-12 A Hero of Our Time — Mikhail Lermontov
05-23-12 The Glass Palace — Amitav Ghosh
05-24-12 Lunar Park — Brett Easton Ellis
05-25-12 The Message to the Planet — Iris Murdoch
05-26-12 Travels with Herodotus — Ryszard Kapuscinski
05-27-12 A Good Man in Africa — Willam Boyd
05-28-12 London Bridge — Louis-Ferdinand Céline
05-29-12 The Man In the Iron Mask — Alexandre Dumas
05-30-12 Tycho Brahe’s Path to God — Max Brod
05-31-12 Quentin Durward — Walter Scott

What are your thoughts on this?

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