Hi-lighted Titles for July

Every day I look around my reading lists and book shelves to find a new title to suggest for reading or at least looking into (I know everyone has different tastes). For the most part these are books I haven’t read yet so I can’t actually recommend them but I certainly hope I’m not filling my own reading lists with too much junk.

These are the titles from July:

07-01-12 – Passages — Ann Quin
07-02-12 – Hotel Europa — Dumitru Tsepeneag
07-03-12 – Finnegans Wake — James Joyce
07-04-12 – Pride and Prejudice — Jane Austin
07-05-12 – Mythologies — Roland Barthes
07-06-12 – George Mills — Stanley Elkin
07-07-12 – Conversation in the Cathedral — Mario Vargas Llosa
07-08-12 – The Star Café — Mary Caponegro
07-09-12 – Nervous Conditions — Tsitsi Dangaremba
07-10-12 – Our Mutual Friend — Charles Dickens
07-11-12 – Drop City — T. C. Boyle
07-12-12 – JR — William Gaddis
07-13-12 – The Stuff of Thought — Steven Pinker
07-14-12 – Poor Things — Alasdair Gray
07-15-12 – Go in Beauty — William Eastlake
07-16-12 – Consider the Lobster — David Foster Wallace
07-17-12 – The Big Rock Candy Mountain — Wallace Stegner
07-18-12 – The Black Book — Orhan Pamuk
07-19-12 – The Obstacles — Eloy Urroz
07-20-12 – Moonwalking With Einstein — Joshua Foer
07-21-12 – The White Peacock — D. H. Lawrence
07-22-12 – Mendel’s Dwarf — Simon Mawer
07-23-12 – The Little Girls — Elizabeth Bowen
07-24-12 – A Free Life — Ha Jin
07-25-12 – Frog — Stephen Dixon
07-26-12 – Killing the Blues — Michael Brandman
07-27-12 – Mrs. Craddock — W. Somerset Maugham
07-28-12 – The Painter of Battles — Arturo Pérez-Reverte
07-29-12 – Mary Barton — Elizabeth Gaskell
07-30-12 – Baudolino — Umberto Eco
07-31-12 – Violence — Slavoj Žižek

2 responses

  1. Capote is probably remembered more as a personality nowadays but in his time he was an interesting and influential writer. First, there still remains a controversy over how much of To Kill a Mockingbird was actually written (or revised) by Truman. Remember, Capote was one of the characters in the book as a young boy … his recollections of the experiences were possibly as strong as those of his friend, Harper Lee.

    Then Capote has a rich collection of short fiction pieces, often originally written for those now long-gone periodicals that provided an outlet for fiction in magazines designed for the less literate world of regular Americans.

    Capote may be best identified with the fictionalization of the true-life novel in his genre bending work, In Cold Blood. There is some disagreement whether Capote actually started this new genre but whether or not, he was an early and excellent practitioner. In Cold Blood is a must read (watching the movie doesn’t count).

    Then again, there was that party at Studio 54 which might be his legacy.


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