What is attractive or honest about the GOP?

Now as I understand it there was a very popular and influential politician in Texas that had all of the right-wing qualities that would make him a good candidate for the continued destruction of this country if  he was doing his damage in the Senate. But along the way he was trounced in a run-off election because he wasn’t enough to the right. Now the Republican’s have a weak candidate offering no experience but a strong affiliation with the Tea Party.


Has anyone stopped to remember that the original Tea Party was basically a terrorist group out to destroy things and scare people. Then again, that’s an excellent understanding of the current Tea Party. I am hearing in some more progressive areas that this is a wonderful opportunity for the Democratic party. Open the doors and welcome all the traditional Republicans to come on over to sanity. Do they really think sticking with Mitt Romney is a good idea? When is Mitt the Twitt going to blurt out the really bad gaff and destroy his own candidacy? Is Harry Reid on target with his speculation about Mitt’s tax returns?

To me people will vote Republican if they are

  • Racists, especially those suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome;
  • Super rich and looking to increase their riches at the expense of the common taxpayer;
  • Stupid enough to believe all the Republican lies;
  • Sufficiently frightened by the Republican lies;
  • Sufficiently dishonest, expecting their share of the Republican wealth;
  • Ideologists that are incapable of thinking for themselves and in their own best interest.

And what may be the single most effective tactic used by the Republican Party to win the election … do everything possible to make sure the people who might vote against them are kept away from voting.

One thing is absolutely clear:  the Republicans are waging a campaign against a fictional character they call Obama. This fictional character is as the Republicans want their opponent to be and bears almost no resemblance to the real Obama. If you think you can’t beat a worthy opponent then make up a completely fictional opponent you think you can beat … and, of course, consistently lie and deny reality. This is understandable since those same Republicans have idolized a fictional Reagan who, if alive today, probably would be at the front of the line to return to the Democratic party and to remind everyone what a great labor leader he was before taking over as governor of California.

Have you noticed that the party of personal responsibility is so quick to blame others for every little negative they perceive. Republicans can do no harm … nor can they tell the truth. So in the great tradition of Fascism and the crushing of liberty, consider voting Republican … then try to find your brains and avoid associating with hateful racists who are known to lie and steal to benefit themselves … and only themselves.

What are your thoughts on this?

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