Can the Fascists Win?

While waiting for Mitt the Twitt to reveal his income tax returns, I noticed an article on the internet focusing on these five adjectives:  Obstructionist, Vindictive, Delusional, Hypocritical, and Inept. Does this sound like today’s Republican Party? Does this sound like someone you want to lead this country into the future? Is it any wonder that they nominated Mitt the Twitt to be their leader? If we add Lying and Cheating to the list and an inept press that is more interested in keeping their ratings up with a close race, then it seems possible that the Fascists will take over the country.

But if American citizens will just think for themselves (sorry Texas) and not fall for the mendacity or the big-money propaganda, then all will be well, the Republicans will be sent packing, and a few millionaires and billionaires will have spent a great deal of money and get nothing in return. I’m optimistic:  you can’t buy America.

I also see that a comfortable percentage of Americans, although not happy with the state of the economy, see through the Republican Straw Man and realize that it is not the President that is the problem. Could the Democrats sweep back into power in the House of Representatives since the current batch of new representatives have done nothing to provide for the welfare and the safety of this country?

For a much more complete discussion of the relevance of these terms, continue reading at Nation of Change.

Now I read another article that suggests the GOP is imploding. Check out Nation of Change. Here’s the start of the article:

The Grand Ol’ Party’s Breaking Up

Froma Harrop
Nation of Change editorial : Tuesday 7 August 2012

When traditional Republicans tell their tea party wing that they have to negotiate with Democrats, the radicals’ frequent response is:  No, they don’t. One side has to win. But before that fistfight at the edge of the falls can take place, one side has to win within the Republican Party. Civil wars are not pretty.

The tea party movement has become the dead bad-luck bird hanging around the GOP establishment’s neck. Its anger-fueled energy has forced moderate Republicans off ballots in places where moderates tend to win. It has burdened otherwise centrist Republicans with radical positions that don’t go well with a general electorate. The Grand Old Party is being taken over by an ideological fringe with unclear motives, a loose grasp on reality and little interest in actually governing.

(continue reading)

Where’s Dandy Don Meredith when you need him?

One thought on “Can the Fascists Win?

  1. I no more than turned away from my screen and a news feed popped up telling me that Sheldon Adelson is being investigated for money laundering in his casinos. This seems to fit nicely and let’s all remember that another result of the Supreme Court coup is to make in even easier for nefarious types to launder dirty money through political campaigns. Ever wonder how much of that SuperPAC money actually has a less-than-honest past?


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