Fatwa II

It’s back …

“The death sentence of Salman Rushdie, an apostate, was issued with the aim of drying up the roots of anti-Islamic conspiracies, and now it is only through this fatwa that we can neutralize the vengeful conspiracies.”

And you thought a crappy anti-Islamic movie wouldn’t affect the literary world. It seems that the same muslim factions that are protesting against the film have concluded that all the films, cartoons, books, etc. would never have happened if the fatwa against Salman Rushdie had been carried out. The only possible answer is to correct their mistake and get Rushdie. I understand that the reward for killing the apostate is up to about three and a half million. I know a couple of guys in North Newark that would make it happen for a lot less.

I understand Rushdie’s position at Emory University is just about over so it will be convenient for the author to go back into hiding.

This death penalty for apostasy may seem a bit drastic but if you look into the Bible, it’s a Christian thing too.

What are your thoughts on this?

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