Republicans For Obama

It is well acknowledged that today’s GOP has gone to the zoo … on Mars. But not all Republicans have sucked on the tea-bag and many have looked at the current political environment with a somewhat more rational mind. What we see is Republicans for Obama:

Why Obama

The Republican party isn’t what it used to be. Our leaders and our most vocal activists have written moderates out of the party and have refused to work with the other side, to the detriment of the nation. Center-right presidents such as Reagan, Bush Sr., Ford, Nixon and Eisenhower would have no chance being nominated today.

Unfortunately, Mitt Romney has not proven to be able to stand up to our party’s most extreme elements. Instead, he has fallen for the “one-size-fits-all” mentality that tax cuts for the already-wealthy will solve all of our problems, and has no workable plans to solve the challenges we face.

President Obama has shown himself to be a common-sense centrist. He has cut taxes when necessary, has taken steps to protect the environment, and has aggressively pursued Islamic extremists who threaten America. Most notably, he has reformed our healthcare system by signing a Republican-inspired healthcare plan into law. In most other points in our party’s history, Obama would fit in well as a Republican.

I understand and support this action (check the official website), but this begs the question:  why isn’t it that these Republicans would fit in well as Democrats?

Another very interesting site is The GOP Left Me. Here anyone (including Republicans) can take a trip down memory lane and remind themselves of what the Republican party once stood for. It is eye-opening. I wish that the GOP would kick-out all the tea-baggers, send Grover Norquist home, tell the Koch brothers to spend their money on charities, and in general stop trying to sell this country to the highest bidders and start looking out for the welfare of all the people … oh, and stop lying and cheating. Is it possible? I don’t know and leaving the current GOP to the wackiness seems more likely. Furthermore, I think a new third party might attract people both from the old Republican party and the Democratic party, rapidly eclipsing the old GOP and leaving it’s dregs to Grover and Rusty. Unless Norquist and Limbaugh and much of the tea-party prefer to abandon the Republican monicker and come out as the Fascists we suspected all along.

What are your thoughts on this?

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