Makes you proud to be an American

I ran across this article from TruthOut (actually, I only read the teaser which follows):

Three Ways Romney Can Still Win the Election
Art Levine, Truthout:

Romney may be shooting himself in the foot at every turn, but the race could still be very close thanks to a GOP trifecta of lies, dark money and vote suppression.

Does this seem to suggest that “lies, dark money and vote suppression” are legitimate tactics to use in an election campaign? Was it so long ago that the mere suspicion of corruption such as this was enough for the United States to consider an election in any other country as being flawed and illegitimate? But here in American these are common tactics used by one of the major political parties and even progressive political writers seem to accept them as challenges to overcome rather than activities to reject and condemn.

This clearly speaks of the illegitimacy of the Republican Party but perhaps more importantly it further reduces the respect the United States receives from the rest of the world. How can we comment on or send observers to monitor elections in other countries when we clearly have shown our own elections to be open to corruption and blatant cheating.

One bright spot is that it is only one side that intends to win at any cost. It’s a good thing I don’t believe in God or the Devil lest I worry about the GOP making a deal with the Prince of Darkness. Yet there are rumors that Lucifer is a Republican and living in Wyoming … maybe I should worry?


Here’s what Slate had to say about Mitt’s side of the debate tonight:

In Domestic Debate, Mitt Romney Shakes The Etch-a-Sketch
By Matthew Yglesias

With the spotlight on and the pressure in place to define his tax plan, Romney angrily denied the existence of any agenda to reduce federal revenue and conceded that political realities mean he may not be able to cut rates by very much consistent with that agenda. Romney swore to defend single-payer health care for everyone born in 1957 or earlier, touted the universal health care initiative he signed in Massachusetts, promised not to cut federal education spending, defended the role of regulation in building an effective market economy, defended the current structure of Social Security, and charged Obama with failure to crack down adequately on big banks.

The problem with all of this is exactly what you’d expect the problem to be with an etch-a-sketch move—it’s inconsistent with things he’s committed himself to previously.

I’m wondering if Paul Ryan has gotten the memo and will also deny everything he has stood for during the last several years (in other words, did he get his own Etch a Sketch). Although it might seem rather late in the campaign to move to center and deny supporting those extreme right-wing positions, it might still be enough time for the tea baggers to go ape-shit and cause the GOP to implode before the election is actually over. Either way this latest move reemphasizes the emptiness and lack of conviction that is Mitt Romney … definitely not ready for being the President of the United States.


One thought on “Makes you proud to be an American

  1. If you missed the first debate, Romney was a very effective liar and I want to note that despite numerous opportunities, President Obama resisted the urge to mime the shaking of the Etch-a-Sketch.


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