An interesting concept (or two)

There’s a new political drama just out called Chasing the Hill. Haven’t run across it flipping through the channels? Not hi-lighted in the TV guide? Perhaps this is because of the first interesting concept:  Chasing the Hill is a television show but it’s not on television—broadcast or cable—it can only be enjoyed on the internet.

Try this web site:  Chasing the Hill.

But before you hypertext out of here, there’s more innovations you should be aware of. First, Chasing the Hill is pay-per-view but it’s not maximum security like the iTunes Store so be honest and at least try an episode or two or three. You’ll have to limit it to three right now because the next couple of episodes have not been made yet. This brings up another interesting feature of this program. If you go to the website at Indiegogo, you’ll find a familiar pitch for campaign funds, although in this case it is the campaign to fund the completion of the remaining episodes. There are lots of ways to contribute too.

Okay. The show is pay-per-view on the internet only and the producers need to raise money to finish the season. Now the real surprise:  some of the cast look familiar since they were on earlier television shows, like Richard Schiff and Melissa Fitzgerald; others in the cast look familiar since they were once involved in real politics and actual government, like Gray Davis and Ed Rendell. There is a strange vibe in this show and if you’re not careful, the line between fiction and reality will start your eyes to cross. This isn’t any more weird than the Reagan administration and is decidedly a lot more fun.

Be the first on your block to start Chasing the Hill.

What are your thoughts on this?

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