In the final analysis

Okay. it has been several days and I have read or heard dozens of reasonable and not so reasonable views on the drubbing the Republican’s took in this last election, despite it being the perfect opportunity to cast the prince of darkness down from the white house and return America to the rich old white men for which it stands.

The best explanation?  The Republicans fell for their own lies and the American voters were nowhere near as stupid as the GOP considered them.

I suppose it’s a variation on the ancient tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes. Mitt’s advisors and election staff all told him he couldn’t lose. They shook the Etch a Sketch and provided a new Romney for every occasion. They even recalculated the polls to show a growing advantage while at the same time attacking anyone who said otherwise. From within this bubble of mendacity and chicanery, poor Mitt actually thought the magic underwear made him invincible.

But in the end it was a chimera and a growing diversity of Americans popped the bubble. Too bad for Mitt and all conservatives … this might well have been the last election where the GOP coalition of angry white men had a chance to be relevant.

What are your thoughts on this?

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