Winter Reading

Tin House 54Yes, it’s Issue #54 of Tin House, subtitled Winter Reading. Journals like Tin House are special because they only come a few times a year (Tin House four; Conjunctions two) and I inevitably sneak mine into my bedtime reading stack to catch up on recent writing and also on the state of good creative fiction and poetry in the dark ages of Harry Potter and Stephen King.

The publisher provides a good overview of the contents of this issue of Tin House:

Enjoy Tin House #54. Find an excuse to devote a day to it and give it your complete attention. Feel the pain and strain with Benjamin Percy as he journeys through a month-long liver detox. Revel in the words of William Gass. Share Helen Phillips’s vision of a world where you can see through others’ skins. Let Mary Ruefle read you to sleep. And be the first to say you know New Voices David Feinstein, Sam Ross, and Eric Burg. Take your time with this one. It’s too dark to go anywhere but into your own ruminations.

Fiction from William Gass, Karen Russell, Steven Millhauser, Diane Williams, Robert Anthony Siegel, Stuart Dybek, Amelia Gray, Charles Baxter, and Helen Phillips.

Poetry from Mary Ruefle, Michael Wayne Roberts, Donald Dunbar, Monica Ferrell, Jericho Brown, Brandon Shimoda, Gregory Pardlo, and Brittany Cavallaro, plus New Voices Sam Ross, David Feinstein, and Eric Burg.

William Gass, one of America’s greatest living wordsmiths, talks with Greg Gerke and reflects on insects, intellectual anger, the sexuality of prose, and his (considerable) body of work.

Books: Lost & Found by Alexander Chee, Andrew Scheiber, Marcia DeSanctis, Aaron Gilbreath, and Joseph Martin.

Plus: A Readable Feast by J. C. Hallman, and Benjamin Percy’s wrestle with his many appetites.

If you see Tin House at the newsstand, give it a try; or better yet, considered a subscription. The website is Tin House. Note that Tin House supports more than just the journal so you might find other items of interest as you poke around online.

What are your thoughts on this?

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