Top 12 Political Fallacies of 2012

Read Richard Eskow’s full article at Nation of Change.

Our nation was gripped by so many fallacies and delusions in 2012 that the whole Mayan calendar end-of-the-world thing didn’t even make the list.

Even those apocalyptic prophecies were more plausible than the idea that cutting Social Security will help the deficit, that government spending cuts will jump-start the economy, there were no crimes on Wall Street, or that we live in a “divided nation” whose “center” wants more business as usual in Washington.

[this is the list of items:  the article contains far more explanation and analysis]

  1. Austerity works.
  2. We need less government spending.
  3. Social Security is in ‘crisis’ and we need to cut it.
  4. Medicare benefits need to be cut, too.
  5. We’re “living beyond our means.”
  6. Our problems aren’t anybody’s fault.
  7. Banks paid back what they owed us from the bailout.
  8. Wall Street-ers didn’t commit any crimes – or they’re too hard to prosecute.
  9. “Ideologues” are getting in the way of “bipartisan” and “technocratic” solutions to our problems.
  10. A “divided nation” elected a “divided government” through a democratic process.
  11. It’s about politicians.
  12. We’re helpless.

What are your thoughts on this?

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