The Gun Debate

How The Right-Wing Media Inflames The Gun Debate

Blog ››› January 14, 2013 11:01 AM EST ››› ROB TORNOE

Fox Guns

A few observations:

  • If a toy causes injury to as few as three children, it is taken off the market.
  • Countries that control the availability of guns may have as much freedom but definitely fewer gun deaths.
  • The well-regulated militia envisioned in the Second Amendment was not to protect against a tyrannical government but rather to allow for private militia to chase-down and capture runaway slaves.
  • Gun advocates are essentially saying that their recreation is more important than a few thousand American lives … even little children.
  • The NRA is a lobby organization empowered to increase the wealth of the gun manufacturers.
  • Guns are not limited-life commodities; therefore the gun manufacturers need the NRA to convince Americans to buy even more guns.
  • A well-armed private citizen is a threat to the law enforcement professionals who are trained to provide protection.
  • When another country attacks us there is a good chance we sold them the armaments to do so.
  • America needs to grow up.

2 responses

  1. abiding in a country, as i do, which is contrary to gun culture, though allows the bolstering of a civil defence force which does clamp down on descent heavily – the emergency services have their own agenda – i can speak from personal experience… i am in tow minds as to how i view such itmes as fire arms… being against real politik etc one would think that it’d be a given to decry the gun culture of the americas and beyond… another irrational aspect of contemporary society – the gun law….
    but as i have given up even bothering to care about what occurs in society – apathy is also enforced as is idleness – i can honestly say the insane views of society, which has failed to leave the grimey slime of the prima materia (that may be a slur on the prima materia), has itself to blame… i will refer back to john berger who did state that the media (the society it represents) is insane – one need only confirm this point by the interaction with contemporary media – the myriad tv channels and the pre-requisite that we change or sentiments accordingly, at the blink of an eye, if we dare change channels ad nauseam – to engage with the society that this wild media represents…
    “ever felt you’ve been cheated?” – was a famous quote…
    “ever felt you’ve been lied to…” being my reprise…..
    people homeless, unemployed, poor, hungry. thirsty… deranged… expressionless… and all we can garner from the nowadays attrocity is; did lance armstrong take drugs??????
    as cycling has allus been drenched in such amphetamine blurs – i wonder how many other folks have won the tour de france due to pill poppping? – i am required to be contemptuous of the holier than thou attitudes of anti-drugs lobby… i never condone cheating… but – jeez; most friggin sports are bent anyways (fixed, contrived etc)… if one isn’t singled out and erased due to one’s innate flair and ability then one is encouraged to bend the rules to win at all costs…
    as i say: who cares? no one gives a shit! and if they do give a shit it’s because they wanted to enagage with a set of emotions they feel denuded of…
    p.s. what were we discussing?????
    p.p.s. i do not condone cheating…r.e. armstrong – it has come across as some weird show trial…


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