Learn from Norway

Here’s an article that seems to put the conservative agenda in the spotlight …

US Fiscal Debate Could Learn From Norway

Friday, 08 February 2013
By Mark Provost, The Progressive Press | Op-Ed

NorwayIf Washington sincerely wants to reduce the budget deficit and national debt while protecting the broader economy, it should learn from other nations which have succeeded. One country stands out: Norway.

Norway has the largest budget surpluses in the developed world, no net national debt, citizens enjoy a robust safety net, and unemployment is below 3%.

What is Norway’s secret, other than refusing to join the European Union? …

Norway’s economic miracle proves that responsible fiscal management starts with protecting the safety net and asking the people who have benefited the most to pay their fair share—the opposite of what the apostles of austerity tell us.

      • Norway’s budget surplus largest in OECD
      • Norway’s net national surplus
      • Norway: highest corporate taxes
      • US third lowest tax rate in OECD
      • US corporate tax, second lowest
      • Norway’s entrepreneurs love socialism
      • Norway’s 78% oil tax
      • Sovereign wealth fund

Read the complete article at The Progressive Press.

Next time you hear the conservative elements of the congress insist that the safety net be cut or eliminated and that the richest of Americans should not only be not asked to contribute more but actually should receive more monetary benefit from the government, think of Greece. But if you’re optimistic and want to see a better future, think of Norway.

Don’t you want to see the country progress? Why would you believe people who openly advocate not only no change but a return to the past? Most Progressives are forward thinking while the GOP is more and more a bunch of anally retentive confused old white men.

What are your thoughts on this?

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