The Motor City Madman?

Ted Nugent

When The Onion sneaks a good one over on the American public, I can only grin … but this one is too frightening to actually consider funny. Have you heard: The GOP has invited Ted Nugent to sit in the congressional chamber during President Obama’s State of the Union address. Yes, that Ted Nugent who has repeatedly suggested violence against the political leaders he disagrees with, including the president.

Then again, Ted is known for making strong statements with his mouth that he doesn’t honor in his life. We don’t want to bring up his adopting the underage sex partner he moved into his home (strange family values there) or his advocating that people take up arms and fight the tyrannous Federal government even though Ted had successfully avoided the draft back when he might have been hurt in Vietnam.


It is ludicrous to imagine that the GOP would disrespect the president and create a potentially dangerous situation like this. Certainly the GOP has not declined so much that they would pander to the likes of Ted Nugent? Then again, which GOP would be represented by Nugent, the formal Republican Party or the Tea Party … and which side does Fox News defend?

What are your thoughts on this?

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