Sexual Orientation

Ever since my daughter started studying the gender representations in literature, I have attempted to follow the thinking and theories. It’s quite interesting and very thought provoking. My current quest is to watch all the episodes of The L-Word and I have to admit that I find Shane the most compelling character in the series. But I’m a guy so my opinion is suspect, I guess.

The things that interest me


As part of my Master International Leisure and Tourism Studies, I had to write a master thesis. The subject of this thesis was ‘SEXUAL FLUIDITY IN WOMEN AND THE NEED FOR LESBIAN COMMUNITIES AND LESBIAN SPACE’.Since this thesis is too long to discuss in one blog post, I have written a few short ones about the main subjects and results, and these will be the focus of the next few blogs.

* If anyone is interested in the complete thesis, don’t be shy, contact me.

“Sexuality is fluid. Whether youre gay, or yourestraight oryoure bisexual —you just go with the flow.”

Character Shane McCutcheon in ‘The L Word’

The quote mentioned above suggests that sexuality is something fluid, rather than fixed and stable. However, the widely used binaries (heterosexual vs. homosexual) and the third alternative, bisexual…

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