First they came for the women …

If You Think You Can Talk To Your Mother Like That, Then You’ve Paid Attention To The Way I’ve Subtly Degraded Her For Years

Commentary By Jim Travis

Women in KitchenListen up, young man, because I’m only going to say this once. You have been acting more and more disrespectful to your mother lately, and frankly, she’s at the end of her rope. Between snapping rude profanities at her to making ungrateful demands, you’ve treated her more like a servant than the woman who raised you. Your mother has noticed it, I’ve noticed it, and all I have to say is that if you think you can talk to your mother like that, then you’ve certainly paid very close attention to the subtle ways in which I’ve completely torn down her sense of self-worth for years.

Take this morning, for example. I was walking past your mother in the kitchen—making a passive-aggressive remark about the price of food as I always do, to indicate how much I resent her for not working—when I hear you demand that she make you pancakes. Demand it! You actually expected her to drop everything she was doing and slave over a griddle for you that very instant, as if she had nothing better to do!

Let me tell you, when I heard those words come out of my own son’s mouth, I couldn’t believe my ears. It was so obvious that you have no more respect for your own mother than I do, and that you’ve really picked up on some of the nuanced ways in which I make her feel like dog shit.

Honestly, nicely done. …

Yes, it’s The Onion and you should read the entire commentary to really absorb the satire. But as so often happens with satire, it is so very true.


The last century was amazing. Women went from gaining the vote to working in the aircraft plants to making even greater inroads into equal rights. But not quite and the current Republican “War On Women” is trying to drive them back into the stone age: barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. I fully expect there to be some sort of legislation proposed, probably in a state but possibly at the Federal level, which attempts to restrict and deny women the right to vote. It’s not that farfetched: the Republican agenda is to win elections by disenfranchising those who are more prone to vote for their opponents, the Democrats.

Recently there has been some disturbing analysis suggesting that the Republicans don’t have to alter their base of old white men. Why even pretend to help people of color with immigration reform and minimum wage protection when a bit of disenfranchisement and a firm base of white Americans will supply enough votes to win. But Michael Tomaski writes in The Daily Beast:

Why Whites Will Abandon the GOP

All these conversations about Republicans and the white vote, argues Michael Tomasky, assume that the white working class will always be as conservative as it is today. Problem: it won’t.

As you are certainly aware, the new consensus among most Republicans and conservatives is that they don’t need no stinking Latinos (don’t get huffy on me; this is OK, because it’s a clever movie reference, and in any case it’s aimed not at Latinos, but at stupid Republicans) and will soar to victory on the strength of the white vote. People like me have spent a lot of airtime and ink these past couple of weeks arguing over whether this can work. But what’s interesting is this. There’s an assumption embedded in the argument that no one disputes: namely, that whites will always be as conservative as they are now and will always vote Republican in the same numbers they do now. This assumption is wrong. White people—yep, even working-class white people—are going to get less conservative in coming years, so the Republicans’ hopes of building a white-nationalist party will likely be dashed in the future even by white people themselves. …

[continued at The Daily Beast].

But like a wounded wart-hog, the rapidly expiring Republican Party appears to be slashing away at our country and our freedoms. The question is:  will America survive the attack or will the outwardly fascist conservatives open a vein in the country that causes it to bleed-out over the entire free world?

What are your thoughts on this?

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