Invasion USA

Something to think about:

Pancho VillaEarly one morning in 1916, Pancho Villa crossed the border with his horsemen, set fire to the city of Columbus, killed several soldiers, nabbed a few horses and guns, and the following day was back in Mexico to tell the tale. This was the only invasion of the United States since the earlier wars to free the country from England.

In contrast, the United States has invaded practically every country in the entire world. Since 1947 its Department of War has been called the Department of Defense, and its war budget the defense budget.

Find out more interesting historical information in Eduardo Galeano’s new book, Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History. Watch out for irony.


Here is a further article referencing Galeano’s new book. Go over to Truthout and read “Iraq Invades the United States,” and Other Headlines from an Upside Down History of the US Military and the World.

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  1. It is fascinating to see how Americans consistently imagine our military in terms of protection while it’s actions are as likely as not to be about aggression instead. I’m not sure that’s unique to us, but it sure is an interesting pattern one way or another.


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