Zealot on Fox News

The Fox News interview with the author of Zealot, Reza Aslan, has gone viral and is openly considered Fox News’s most cringe-worthy interview. Interestingly, it has put the sales of Zealot through the roof and I’m sure Aslan and his publisher are more than pleased with Fox News’s stupidity.

You decide:

For additional commentary on this, go to Slate and read:  Reza Aslan Knew Exactly What He Was Doing in That Fox News Interview By Josh Voorhees. Fun stuff and Fox News certainly showed its lack of expertise and class. Fair and Balanced? (that deserves the classic “laughing my ass off and rolling on the floor” response but I refuse to use internet clichés).

4 thoughts on “Zealot on Fox News

  1. We may be well aware of the political bias that colors the journalism at Fox News, yet for Green to foreground her religious bias in an interview with a bona fide scholar of religion (unlike O’Reilly’s aforementioned interview with Dawkins, a biologist) is beyond the pale. In addition, Green’s thinly-veiled Islamophobia is contrasted with the calm demeanor of a Muslim who proposes that had she read the book, she may have been pleasantly surprised at his conclusions about Jesus.


  2. Yet another reason why I don’t get my ‘news’ from TV. This accurately shows of how far the news media have regressed in terms of their ability to discuss and debate: while watching this interview, I didn’t find it very different from other content broadcast by most networks today.
    Sadly, the race to the bottom continues, unimpeded.


  3. The interviewer is stubbornly determined not to let the facts get in the way of her preconceived interpretation of the book she obviously has never even glanced at, no matter how slowly the information is presented to her in ever simpler terms… she is totally unprepared and bigoted. Frankly I am shocked, SHOCKED!!! to see such a presentation from the news source we all know we can depend on to be “Fair and balanced”.


  4. Aslan sounded a bit surprised to be invited by Fox. (he he) – Bunch of little terrorists out there on the desert, huh? But Fox has no choice but to assume a bias – it’s their way, therefore … Fwiw, the book’s been on my wish list since I first saw a blurb somewhere – I need either a bunch more patience or time. Btw, thanks –


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