That and fifteen cents

We see it more and more often: a prominent figure, often from the world of sports or entertainment, comes out to the public full of pride and trepidation that now the whole world knows he or she is an homosexual (or transvestite or weekend drag queen, or conservative politician with a wide stance). I have nothing but loud cheers for these individuals but am often saddened by the thought that we are celebrating what should have been just a part of their basic humanity. And the ever present conundrum:  those people who shout the loudest for individual freedom are often first in line to throw stones and pass legislation designed to dictate a life-style to people that are not just like them.

Now I don’t want to take anything away from those brave individuals that come out into the light of day and both acknowledge and celebrate their homosexuality, but not every announcement is a great shock. Today I read about a young wrestler who proclaimed his homosexuality to the press, indicating that he had fallen in love and didn’t want to hide it anymore. I never heard of this young man since I probably stopped following wrestling when George Wagner died. But my curiosity about how this Darren Young might stack up against George (The Animal) Steele provided me with one of the classic “Well, Duh!” moments of my life, witnessed only by my dogs and an anole crossing the front window at the time.


Life is funny and Darren Young is gay. As they say in New York, that and fifteen cents will get you a ride on the subway .. at least that is how they used to say it.

Congratulations, Darren; and I apologize for using one of the goofiest photos I found of you to hi-light the event .. there were many others that were far less flamboyant.

What are your thoughts on this?

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