Looking for something wild?

It’s out and you need to get it. Yes, the newest issue of Tin House is WILD!

Look at the fiction from the Contents:

Tin HouseSalvador by Lauren Groff

Helena was in that viscious pool of years in her late thirties when she could feel her beauty slowly departing her.

The Worm by Donald Ray Pollock

They arose from their particular corners of the one-room shack and pulled on their filthy clothes.

Turtleface by Arthur Bradford

We were paddling our canoes down a remote, slow-moving river when Otto decided to do something spectacular and stupid.

Leaving the Sea by Ben Marcus

I felt the chilly finger hanging between my legs, a bit of ice high on my inner thigh, a patch of clammy coolness.

Camino Real by Lawrence Osborne

Angel already looked far older than twenty-eight. Two years wandering the deserts had turned his skin a darkened copper and made his eyes harder.

I, Buffalo by Vauhini Vara

That summer the days failed to distinguish themselves from one another, and given that failure, I don’t see why I should do the distinguishing for them.

All that fiction and beaucoup de poetry and special features. How can you pass all this wildness by? Get your own copy as soon as possible!

What are your thoughts on this?

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