The Brunist Day of Wrath

Just a note from Amazon concerning the upcoming followup to The Origin of the Brunists.

BrunistsThe Brunist Day of Wrath, Robert Coover’s long-awaited, massive sequel to his award-winning debut, is a committed and committing, awe-inspiring, humbling look at fundamentalisms of all sorts in a world where religion competes with money, common sense, despair, and reason; stranded in their midst is beauty, is art.

The sequel to Robert Coover’s acclaimed first novel returns to the town of West Condon five years after the bloody conflict at the Brunist church camp. Many continue to cope with the aftereffects of the massacre, but others are receiving new revelations from the lost prophet Giordano [?] Bruno, assembling at the site of the former camp to await the end of days. Exploring the psychologies of over 150 different characters, Coover offers the reader a panoptic view of American hypocrisy and the conviction-centered ideologies that make bloody conflict inevitable.

What are your thoughts on this?

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