Followup to Gun Liability Laws

[A note on the previous post: Gun Liability Laws]

Sitting on the porch earlier today I was thinking that gun owners would still not declare their guns and would, therefore, circumvent the liability laws. But it soon became apparent that this was actually not a problem: the thread of ownership for any gun manufactured or sold in the United States would, for the most part, be documented naturally and without any involvement from the Federal or State government.

It works like this: a gun carries with it its own liability; should a gun be implicated in a crime or other misuse, the gun liability will be attached to the last documented owner. What this means is that anyone selling or providing a gun to another person or commercial organization will themselves be very thorough in getting the correct paperwork filed with the insurance companies least they end up being responsible for a future liability that they had nothing to do with. So passing the gun along is not sufficient: the liability must be passed along too, and that requires careful documentation.

This is how automobiles are transferred from one individual to another. If you sell someone your car you want to make certain that the ownership, and therefore the liability, is fully documented. You wouldn’t want to be sued for an auto accident you were not involved with … and you wouldn’t want to be sued for a gun incident you were not involved with either.

It could work.

What are your thoughts on this?

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