Inherit the Wind

He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.

When I was in High School the movie based on the stage play, Inherit the Wind, made a huge impression on me. But what I remember most is thinking how ignorant and stupid the people were back in 1925 actually believing in the infallibility of the Bible and what we now call Creationism. We also studied the Scopes Trial in school and added Tennessee to our list of states to avoid and even though Montgomery Clift in Wild River made us pause in our assessment, we still couldn’t imagine how unenlightened parts of the country must have been in the early 20th century. Of course, a few years later Easy Rider came along and solidified the sentiments.

You might say that we concluded that parts of the country didn’t believe in evolution because they were still in the throes of evolving beyond their primitive, animalistic lives. Primitive animals with limited capacity for understanding just naturally cling to the myths and stories which give them a respite from having to actually think for themselves.

That was fifty years ago and we thought ourselves lucky to no longer live in the dark ages that movies such as Inherit the Wind presented to us. Even though they represented a time forty or fifty years before, they were still frightening and inherently sad. How could human beings be so clueless and misguided?

ascent-of-man-with-a-religious-twist_reducedWell if we were shaking our heads at the world our parents were born into, it seems to have come around again and we are now shaking our heads at the world our grandchildren are being born into. As I watched Inherit the Wind this evening it was obvious that this country is still in thrall to a hypocritical religious screed that gathers it’s power from assuring that people are not encouraged to think for themselves. Add this to the corporate fascism that is able to manipulate the government and allocate the riches of this country to their own selfish ends, and it’s looking pretty bad.

There is historical evidence that suggests the situation in the United States is reaching a breaking point and the oligarchy may have pushed the citizens of this country too hard and too far. Income inequality is like a great dam holding back the roaring river: you don’t just keep piling up more and more water behind the dam and not expect it to eventually burst.

Things could get ugly in this country if something isn’t done very soon. The super-rich, the Conservatives, the Republicans, the Fascists, have been quite successful with their Profit Krieg, but D-Day is coming and they will see what it means to inherit the wind.

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