Time Nails It!


Time magazine has hit a home run with its upcoming cover for October 14 with an image that perfectly encapsulates the current government shutdown, in which a fringe band of GOP representatives in the House have effectively held the federal government hostage (with the help of the GOP’s spineless leadership).

However, this image also perfectly encapsulates, unintentionally, the extent to which our elected officials truly represent America’s citizenry today. For as mainstream pundits yap about which monuments might close, the wealth gap between those who have, and those who have not, is larger than it’s ever been.

New Yorkers with two jobs are increasingly becoming homeless. Metropolises are becoming income distribution wastelands. Thing are getting worse for so many.

And today, a small collection of lawmakers is focused on shutting down the government, rather than ensuring that it functions for those who need it most.

The majority is not ruling. In so many ways.

From David Harris Gershon in the Daily Kos

What are your thoughts on this?

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