Those October Reading Suggestions

readHere I continue my practice of providing a summary listing of the books mentioned each day during the previous month. I have read few of the hi-lited books and can’t honestly vouch for their quality (although I seldom even consider reading books with even a hint of crappage). I’ll have to move some of them to the front of my reading list to avoid continuing embarrassment. But let’s face it: reading is still rather subjective and whereas one person has read all the books in one list, they often come up short in another list. Even that much publicized and occasionally updated list of the 1001 books you should have checked off before you check out is far from perfect and in some instances generates more anger and disappointment than knowledge of good reading.

But lists are good to give you ideas and, as I see it, if a list of 30 book titles yields one good idea, then the list is well worth it .. good ideas, like good books, are getting pretty scarce nowadays.

Hi-Lited Reading for October 2013


10-01-13 – The Air Conditioned Nightmare — Henry Miller
10-02-13 – Big Breasts and Wide Hips — Mo Yan
10-03-13 – Mother Night — Kurt Vonnegut
10-04-13 – This Book Is Full of Spiders — David Wong
10-05-13 – Hunger — Knut Hamsen
10-06-13 – Demon Box — Ken Kesey
10-07-13 – Joshua Then and Now — Mordecai Richler
10-08-13 – The Things They Carried — Tim O’Brien
10-09-13 – The Sunset Limited: A Novel in Dramatic Form — Cormac McCarthy
10-10-13 – The Good Terrorist — Doris Lessing
10-11-13 – Chronic City — Jonathan Lethem
10-12-13 – Akhenaten — Naguib Mahfouz
10-13-13 – The Elegant Universe — Brian Greene
10-14-13 – English, August: An Indian Story — Upamanyu Chatterjee
10-15-13 – Life and Times of Michael K. — J. M. Coetzee
10-16-13 – Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! — Richard Feynman
10-17-13 – Louise de la Valliere — Alexander Dumas
10-18-13 – Critique of Pure Reason — Immanuel Kant
10-19-13 – Borstal Boy — Brendan Behan
10-20-13 – The Talisman — Sir Walter Scott
10-21-13 – A Single Man — Christopher Isherwood
10-22-13 – The Cocktail Waitress — James M. Cain
10-23-13 – G. — John Berger
10-24-13 – A Widow’s Story — Joyce Carol Oates
10-25-13 – Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue In the Land of the Free — Charles P. Pierce
10-26-13 – Laughter In the Dark — Vladimir Nabokov
10-27-13 – The Little Drummer Girl — John Le Carré
10-28-13 – The Siege of Krishnapur — J. G. Farrell
10-29-13 – The Bad Girl — Mario Vargas Llosa
10-30-13 – Dimanche and Other Stories — Irene Nemirovsky
10-31-13 – Sayonara — James A. Michener

What are your thoughts on this?

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