XFX: New Experimental Fiction Selections

Pynchon-simpsonsThe titles offered for reading at the Experimental Fiction group (XFX) during the First Quarter of 2014 have been selected and are now posted on the XFX section of this website. To make things easier, however, I have copied them below and added a few words of encouragement.

Only four titles this quarter but they are good ones and offer plenty of reading.

Onegin01-16 – Eugene Onegin — Alexander Pushkin
Very traditional, Russian classic, but in verse. True, extended verse pieces are common in classical literature; we could have selected Byron, for instance. But are there modern applications of verse to fiction? Read this one and consider the possibilities.

pynchon02-08 – Bleeding Edge — Thomas Pynchon
Is Pynchon still an experimental novelist? Was he ever? Does his work reflect the changes to fiction or has he sold out to commercial success? You have to read it yourself and make up your own mind.

Sophie03-01 – Sophie’s World — Jostein Gaarder
The novel as compendium of knowledge. Is this a fictional approach to philosophy or is philosophy the theme of the fiction? Worth reading to find out.

Z03-16 – World War Z — Max Brooks
Is the Zombie craze dead? They recently made a movie out of this one starring Brad Pitt. Read the book, even if you’ve seen the movie (Brad Pitt is not in the book).

What are your thoughts on this?

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