A Menagerie

It’s here. My copy of Conjunctions #61: A Menagerie. Here’s what the editors have to say about this issue:

conj61cA circus lion gets loose in a small town in the Midwest. A rhinoceros languishes in his pen on the Boulevard du Temple as the French Revolution rages outside. B. F. Skinner’s research pigeons are conscripted to guide WWII aircraft. An eyewitness offers a true account of hunting for okapi with the Mbuti people of Uganda. A medieval monk journeys to the Holy Land in search of a unicorn. From snow leopards to kraits, lemurs to squirrels, okapi to eels, pigeons to dogs, rhinos to wolves, giraffes to squirrels, gators to crocodiles, cats to cows, A Menagerie gathers writings about the vast world of our fellow beasts who occupy the earth, oceans, and sky.

Sharing a deep interest in animals and having both worked on books in which they play central roles, we [Bradford Morrow & Benjamin Hale] decided to approach a number of very different authors with the simple proposal that they write about an animal of their choice. The choices—not only of subjects but of forms in which the works are composed—were more diverse than either of us expected, resulting in a literary bestir of delightful range. Ben arranged an interview with the great animal scientist Temple Grandin, and Brad discovered his previously untranscribed conversation about animals with William Burroughs from many years ago, making this menagerie anthology all the more diversified.

We hope readers who have a like-minded love for animals will enjoy this collection of fictions, nonfictions, poems, documents, dialogues, observations, fantasies, speculations, dreams, and zoologies.

Here is the TOC from this latest issue of Conjunctions:

  • Russell Banks, A Permanent Member of the Family
  • Sarah Minor, Handling the Beast
  • James Morrow, Some Early Exxxperiments in Behavioral Science: A Bird’s-Eye View
  • Sallie Tisdale, Here Be Monsters
  • Cole Swensen, Night Walks
  • Bennett Sims, Fables
  • Dale Peterson, Where Have All the Animals Gone?
  • Susan Daitch, Unnatural Habitats
  • Henri Michaux, Impersonal Affairs, translated by Gillian Conoley
  • Wil Weitzel, Leviathan
  • Temple Grandin, An Interview, Conducted by Benjamin Hale
  • Andrew Mossin, Two Poems
  • Gwyneth Merner, Wolf Interval
  • Lynne Tillman, Circumstantial Evidence
  • Rick Moody, Conversion Testimony
  • Sandra Meek, Three Poems
  • Edward Carey, A Semi-Prehensile Lip
  • Joyce Carol Oates, Happy Chicken 1942–1944: A Memoir
  • Paul Lisicky, Animal Care and Control
  • Vint Virga, The Snow Leopard’s Realm
  • Terese Svoboda, Loose Lion
  • William S. Burroughs, An Interview, Conducted by Bradford Morrow
  • H. G. Carrillo, Gavage
  • Kevin Holden, Three Poems
  • Monica Datta, The Cs
  • Michael Parrish Lee, Greta and Her Creatures
  • Martine Bellen, Pond Animals
  • Emily Anderson, Eyrie
  • Frederic Tuten, The Snow on Tompkins Square Park
  • Rebecca Bridge, Four Poems
  • Janis E. Rodgers, Becoming Human
  • Dan Rosenberg, Three Poems
  • Kyoko Mori, Cat and Bird
  • Adam McOmber, The Re’em
  • Nora Khan, Cardinal
  • Craig Eklund, The Taxidermist

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