Reading For December

A cold front has blown through the South but I hear it’s a snowy mess up north. The white-tailed deer are running all over the development and I have noticed a few armadillos digging up the turf in search of grubs. Me, I’m still out on the lanai reading on my iPad (iBooks works fine as a reader) but I tend to come in for some warmth and hot tea much earlier than before. Of course, Daylight Savings Time is over and the dogs are still confused about dinner time. For me it turns darker earlier and I retire to my desk for some quiet reading. For December I have again shuffled a few titles and my monthly pool of books to read looks quite good. I’m  focusing on the easier to read digital books but there are still a couple of paper and ink novels I hope to read, even if I have to use my over-sized magnifying glass and a squint.


So this is my list for December:

      1. The Year of the Flood — Margaret Atwood *
      2. G. — John Berger *
      3. Old Master — Thomas Bernhard *
      4. Nostromo — Joseph Conrad *
      5. 1919 — John Dos Passos
      6. A Bad Man — Stanley Elkin
      7. The Mansion — William Faulkner
      8. Independence Day — Richard Ford *
      9. The Opposing Shore — Julien Gracq
      10. The Spy Who Came in From the Cold — John le Carre *
      11. Happyland — J. Robert Lennon *
      12. Martin Eden — Jack London *
      13. Epitaph For a Dead Beat — David Markson *
      14. Of Human Bondage — W. Somerset Maugham *
      15. Runaway Horses — Yukio Mishima
      16. Gone With the Wind — Margaret Mitchell *
      17. Doomed — Chuck Palahniuk *
      18. The Helmet of Horror — Victor Pelevin *
      19. Maigret at the Crossroads — Georges Simenon *
      20. White Teeth — Zadie Smith *
      21. The Confessions of Nat Turner — William Styron
      22. Hell’s Angels — Hunter S. Thompson *
      23. I Spit On Your Graves — Boris Vian *
      24. Dublinesque — Enrique Vila-Matas
      25. The Royal Family — William Vollmann [LSG]
      26. Filth — Irvine Welsh *
      27. Stoner — John Williams *
      28. The Garlic Ballads — Mo Yan *
      29. Revolutionary Road — Richard Yates
      30. La Fortune des Rougon — Émile Zola

See anything you’ve read? Have a comment or suggestion for me?

2 responses

  1. I read Hunter Thompson’s book years ago. It is interesting, but the Angels’ lifestyle seems horrific to a female lifelong biker. Sonny Berger was an unusual, if violent , character. The Conrad, Zola and Somerset Maugham are all excellent books and I think they will ensure an enjoyable December for you.


  2. This is an appealing list. Mishima, Vila-Matas, Atwood, Mitchell.. And Gracq! I have been longing for “The Opposing Shore” for over four years now.
    My list is significantly shorter – Scott’s “Ivanhoe”, Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”, Ford’s “The Good Soldier”.. And, if time allows it, Zusak’s “Shadow of the Wind”..


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