But it’s my vacation .. I deserve it!

CruiseI took out a car loan a couple of years ago wherein I promised to pay the loan company a certain amount of money each month and the contract made it very clear what the penalties were if I was late with a payment and what legal actions would be taken against me if I were to default on the loan. Now I want to take my girlfriend on a cruise to warm exotic islands where we can escape the winter weather and have some naughty fun. I’ve carefully checked my finances and the only way I can afford the cruise is to use the monies set aside for the car payments over the next three months. I wrote the loan company and explained the situation very carefully but I received an angry response suggesting either that I was mentally challenged or that the vigorish was only negotiable if I donated my kneecaps first.

I don’t understand. I obviously got myself into a financial situation where I just wasn’t going to have enough money to pay the car loan. Didn’t the loan company see the reality of the budget short-fall? Did they expect me to cut my entertainment budget just to pay off a car that isn’t looking too new nowadays anyway?

Talk about being unreasonable. Do you think I might be looking at, as they say, a world of hurt?

Illinois .. try here instead.

Illinois .. try here instead.

But I was listening to the radio earlier today and the State of Illinois, amongst others, is telling retired government workers (like teachers) that the contracts that they entered into with the government to provide a specific level of retirement funding which included supporting statements such as guaranteed, not modifiable, protected from abridgment, not in any way subject to variation of the economy, etc., are now going to be significantly cut back because the State doesn’t have the funds needed to continue the legally contracted level of retirement support.

I hope the State gives the teachers a note that they can submit to their car loan company in place of sending a payment.

The really sad part of this equation is that the State is in all likelihood paying some form of corporate welfare to that loan company … or the insurance company, or the banksters, or the corporations representing fracking, GMOs, influence peddling, money laundering, and all sorts of corruption.

I guess it’s not worth complaining about. Capitalism that has sold Democracy out from under the American people and concentrated the profit in what can only be considered the best and the brightest (or just the one-percent, if you are more mathematically inclined). The new American Dream is obviously to overlook all the ills and inequities in this country and to cover our eyes rather than to recognize that the United States of America, as a country, has turned the corner to become a classic example of Fascism.

What are your thoughts on this?

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