The Real War On Christmas

Christmas is the time for giving. Peace on earth; Good will to men.

Three days after Christmas, 1.3 million Americans will lose their unemployment benefits. Who fired that destructive volley in the war on Christmas?

Who is not following the teachings of Jesus unless they can make a profit out of religion? Who is truly waging a war on Christmas? 

Christmas Greed

Addendum: Jim Hightower has posted an editorial which also shows up the real groups waging war on Christmas. Not the people who wish you “Happy Holidays” but the right-wing groups who call the Pope a communist and specifically revile the Pope for emphasizing the teachings of Jesus in this world of greed and corruption.

Read the article at Nation of Change.

3 responses

  1. I am not a Christian.. But from what I see in my country Christmas is so different from in the US. I think too much of materialism covers the holiness and grace it is supposed to have in the US.


    • The major religions in the United States are Capitalism and Bigotry. The Christmas season is ideal to celebrate greed and covetousness while accusing those who look or act or speak differently as being the cause of all the problems in the country, real or imagined.

      Christmas, of course, greatly pre-dates Christianity as a Holy Day. When the gentlemen who developed the early Christian myth were looking for significant events to give their new religion credence, the end of what is now called December was ideal. Whether you consider Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah or a Prophet or a Rabbai or a Philosopher, in the US, for the most part, he is a commodity that sells well and makes a huge profit for the corporations, big and small.

      As far as Holiness and Grace in the US: first, there is no Grace. Ask any American what Grace is and you will get a blank stare at best and at worse you will be accused of being a Communist out to steal our vital fluids. In the US, Grace was thrown out with Gun Control. Holiness is another question: my wife was Catholic and we went to her church regularly (being an Atheist I just mumble and read the Newsletter) but my clear recollection of Holiness is that on Christmas the closest we could get to the sanctuary was somewhere in the parking lot outside an open door: Holiness was all the good Catholics that showed up on Christmas and then ignored the church the rest of the year.


  2. Is it irony that Fox News reports on this bogus War On Christmas every year in order to keep their ratings up and their profits growing? Then again, isn’t this the network that seriously debated the skin color of a fictional character. Why would we be surprised to learn that they just make stuff up on Fox News?


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