Great article at the American Humanist site. Don’t miss it. The piece written by Herb Silverman is titled:

Belief in the Almighty Dollar: Why We Need an Atheist PAC

FEFI have a dream that one day Americans will judge their candidates on the content of their character and their political positions, rather than on their professed religious beliefs. I have a dream that one day we will have an electorate that doesn’t much care about the private religious views of elected officials, and that politicians won’t make their religious beliefs part of their public campaigns. I have a dream that one day candidates will have the political courage to say that questions about religion are none of the public’s business. However, my dreams might be more difficult to achieve than those of Martin Luther King Jr.

Ideally, whether someone is a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, or an atheist shouldn’t matter. The important question to ask candidates is if and how their faith would impact their stands on public policy. If a candidate says it would have no effect, then we should just move on to political issues. Whether a politician is religious or not, I expect to hear good rational arguments for supporting an action. Perhaps I expect too much. …

What can we do when so many politicians feel they must pretend to be religious in order to please an electorate that distrusts atheists? …

The good news for atheists, agnostics, humanists, and all secular Americans is the creation of the Freethought Equality Fund, a Political Action Committee (PAC) dedicated to expanding voters’ choices by backing the candidacy of open nontheists to public office. The PAC will support candidates who share our goals of protecting the separation of religion and government and defending the civil liberties of secular Americans. …

I’m hoping, but not praying, that someday we will regularly elect acknowledged atheists and humanists to public office, and that the public will be more interested in a candidate’s political ideology than professed theology. Should that day come, the Freethought Equality Fund can happily close their doors, go out of business and declare, “Mission Accomplished.”

AHA PhilI was thinking: Free Thought isn’t just something that atheists support; it is actually the nourishment that allows new atheists to break through the hard surface of myths and propaganda to blossom as human beings. Free Thought allows you to see the world as it really is and not as some hoary story tries to make you believe.

What are your thoughts on this?

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