Reading Pool for January 2014

Today is the last day of 2013 and another year of reading has slipped away. Unfortunately, the years remaining and the volumes of books just don’t seem to equate so I have to pick and chose what I expect to read. I published my Reading Pool for 2014 a couple of days ago. Right now it is mostly filled with books I hoped to read in 2013 but just didn’t get around to. This list tends to grow throughout the year so look for new titles now and then.

I have also be playing around with the titles making up the January 2014 Pool. Again, there were a few books on the old list that I still want to read so they reappear on this new list. But there are a few new titles. I wish there were more days in the month to get to all of them.

For what it’s worth, here is the pool of reading possibilities for January 2014:

  1. American Taliband — Pearl Abraham *
  2. The Year of the Flood — Margaret Atwood *
  3. Nostromo — Joseph Conrad *
  4. 1919 — John Dos Passos
  5. Jesus Freaks — Andre Duza [XFX]
  6. A Bad Man — Stanley Elkin
  7. Independence Day — Richard Ford *
  8. Sophie’s World — Jostein Gaardner
  9. The Ambassadors — Henry James
  10. The True Deceiver — Tove Jansson
  11. The Spy Who Came In From the Cold — John Le Carré *
  12. Desert — J. M. G. Le Clezio [FR]
  13. Happyland — J. Robert Lennon *
  14. Martin Eden — Jack London *
  15. Tomorrow In the Battle Think of Me — Javier Marías *
  16. Epitaph For a Dead Beat — David Markson *
  17. Of Human Bondage — W. Somerset Maugham *
  18. Runaway Horses — Yukio Mishima *
  19. Gone With the Wind — Margaret Mitchell *
  20. Doomed — Chuck Palahniuk *
  21. The Helmet of Horror — Victor Pelevin *
  22. Eugene Onegin — Alexander Pushkin [XFX]
  23. Bleeding Edge — Thomas Pynchon * [XFX]
  24. The Confessions of Nat Turner — William Styron
  25. I Spit On Your Graves — Boris Vian * [FR]
  26. Filth — Irvine Welsh *
  27. De Profundis — Oscar Wilde *
  28. Stoner — John Williams *
  29. The Garlic Ballads — Mo Yan *
  30. La Terre — Émile Zola [FR]

I’m starting out with a hefty Bizarro number by Andre Duza titled Jesus Freaks. I figured I would get my 2014 Zombies out of the way early with this and Max Brooks’ World War Z. You can track the progress of this or any month’s reading by taking a peek at Active Reading tab.

3 thoughts on “Reading Pool for January 2014

  1. Looks like I have read three on your list: Of Human Bondage, Eugene Onegin and La Terre. Surprised you missed that last one when we read it at FrenchLit.

    I will be reading Desert this month. A couple of others I hope to get to later in the year.

    Happy New Year with lots of good reading! I know what you mean about the reading time slipping away.


    1. My daughter had my copy and it was out of print .. but now I have two copies .. go figure! Oh, have you read Julien Gracq?


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