Guns, YES! Agriculture Items, NO!

Duck DynastyI get almost all of my news from the internet with feeds from organizations such as The Nation, the Daily Kos,  and The Daily Beast. Two small items struck me this morning while reading the Beast. The first is a fine example of Neanderthal stupidity which often is lurking within our government bureaucracy. Read the complete article in The Boston Globe:

Think you hate going through Customs? Boujemaa Razgui, a flute virtuoso who performs at The Boston Camerata, had 13 handmade flutes destroyed when a Customs official at JFK Airport destroyed them. The official mistakenly thought the instruments were pieces of bamboo, and destroyed them under the category of an agricultural item. “They told me they were destroyed. Nobody talked to me. They said I have to write a letter to the Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C. This is horrible,” said Razgui.

But to show you that this world is full of diverse wrong-way thinking:

Some celebrities go into fragrance, some into fashion, however for the stars of Duck Dynasty, apparently guns are the way to go. Duck Commander, the company owned by the show’s Robertson family, is teaming up with gunmaker Mossberg to release nine shotguns, two semiautomatic rifles, and a semiautomatic pistol. Some of the shotguns have already been shipped to distributors. Duck Commander was founded four decades ago by Phil Robertson, who was recently in hot water over comments he made about gay people and African-Americans.

This is stuff for The Tonight Show monologue, not real-life. But it’s also what’s left of the United States and if the Republican Party can get support from citizens earning less than a million dollars a year, then anything is possible.


I can’t believe I posted a useless, clichéd photo of men with large beards who were not ZZ-Top when a photo of Boujemaa Razgui would be far more instructive and help to spread awareness of this great virtuoso in this country.

I apologize for my shameful actions and hope this photo will repair any bad feelings. Why, I’ll bet Phil Robertson listens to Boujemaa’s recordings while applying bear grease before heading out to the duck blind … and he probably votes progressive too, ya think?


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