If you believe Chris Christie still has a chance to be president, I’ve got a (GW) Bridge to sell you

This was republished at the Daily Kos; go read the complete article and any earlier postings.


Christie has placed himself inside a trap. He has said that his office and his campaign had nothing to do with the bridge closing. He has said he knows everything that his staff did relating to the closing. Now we know that a high-ranking staffer clearly was involved in the closing. In other words, Chris Christie has been caught in a lie. And this is not just any lie, it is a lie about abuse of power, an abuse of power that (unlike one involving, say, an adulterous affair with an intern) had a direct, harmful effect on the daily lives of average citizens.

Chris Christie is running in a large field for the Republican nomination for president in 2016. There are many, many other choices that Republican voters have. In addition, there is a significant bloc (tea partiers/right-wingers) who see him as a grave threat to their goal of moving their party rightward. This bloc will be relentless in exposing any weakness of a candidate they oppose. Christie has just handed them everything they could have asked for.

It’s one thing to be a bully who yells at people Republicans don’t like anyway (teachers, liberals). It’s another to be a bully who puts people lives at risk. And it’s another to be someone who lies about it. People don’t like being lied to, especially not to their face. Republicans will never nominate Chris Christie. That’s the real result of today’s news.

What are your thoughts on this?

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