Way to go, Al

Al Roker

Wednesday morning, he made his case on the Today Show. Without calling out Limbaugh by name, as he did on Twitter the day before, Roker explained that “a lot of folks” have been saying there’s no such thing as a “polar vortex” and that it’s “some left-wing media conspiracy.” He said that meteorologists never use the terms “climate change” or “global warming” in conjunction with “polar vortex” and pulled up images of his college textbook to prove his point.

“O.K.? So for all the doubters out there, stuff it!” Roker shouted directly in Limbaugh’s direction.

The polar vortex is real! Al proves it

tdy_al_vortex_140108.video-260x195TODAY’s Al Roker digs back into his old textbooks to prove that “polar vortex,” a phrase much heard during the cold wave that has affected much of the country in recent days, is in fact a real meteorological term.

What are your thoughts on this?

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