Have you been Photoshopped?

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Are you able to easily identify whether a photograph, especially in advertising, has been photoshopped? It’s easy, right?

Actually, it is easy: if it’s a commercial photograph published in the western world, it has been photoshopped!

Remember the old joke about the husband on his honeymoon rejecting his new bride because she was defective and didn’t have a staple in her navel? Yes, magazines like Playboy have shaped our perception of women for years and it certainly hasn’t been healthy, no matter what platitudes about sex the Playboy Philosophy reported (assuming we even bothered to read the text at that time).

And let’s not even bring up the carefully orchestrated false image of human sexuality that pornography foists on humans.

Have you ever stopped to consider the effects of our fantasized approach to sexuality, whether it be naked women with staples in their belly buttons or ravenous housewives with perfect hair and perfect teeth who throw their perfectly re-engineered bodies at the first man who walks in the door with a promising honeymoon bulge? Would we have such an out-of-control problem with divorce in this country if we instead dealt with the reality of our partners and friends rather than expecting unfulfillable fantasies?

Of course any suggestion that dealing  with the reality of life also suggests that religion is not a good way to go. In fact, religion tends to deal with life in much the same way that Photoshop deals with images: both are made to look good but both are fictions from the imagination of man.

If you’re interested in a more realistic view of the world and especially of women, this video is a good start:

From a slightly different perspective: with advances in technology, we will probably see the polygraph replace the photograph as admissible evidence in the judicial system of the United States.

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