On a sad note …

Did you see that Walmart profits were down in the 4th quarter and expected to be further reduced this year? Sad, isn’t it? But the horrible cause of this decrease in the profits of a family that is a large part of the 8 people who own half the world’s wealth, is that they calculate  it is the result of the decrease in Food Stamps coming from the Federal government. Wow! Let’s say that again: by cutting food stamps the profits of a major corporation are reduced.

So providing for those in need increases the wealth of the super-rich but throwing money at the rich does nothing to help the disadvantaged. Hmmm …

You’d think such a corporation would realize that the austerity mentality of the Conservatives and Republicans in Washington is bad for their bottom-line. Could it be true that by providing more support for the poor, disabled, jobless, and needy in this country we will actually be putting more money into the economy to keep the profits of corporations like Walmart happy?

Sad smiley crying

Do you think the Republicans have it all wrong? Come to think of it, they have an excellent track record for being out of touch with reality and screwing up everything they touch. Maybe they don’t have a clue about economics or science or women’s issues or human empathy and have been fueling themselves on failed ideology and mythical allegiance all these years. How can anyone still put their faith in the Republicans?

Will the Republican Party survive the 2016 elections? You know if they loose control of the House of Representatives the Democrats will be able to undo the radical Gerrymandering that seems to be the only thing holding the Republican Party together. Let’s muse about the future: the Democrats gain a majority in the House and fair voting laws remove the taint of scandal from voting in the country; Antonin Scalia retires; Clarence Thomas doesn’t know how to act and has a mental breakdown (a very small one); Citizens United is overturned and SCOTUS declares that money is not speech and corporations are not people; the poor and needy get the help and support they deserve from the Federal government and the economy rapidly revives and flourishes; the Republican Presidential debates are held in the Cotton Bowl and concealed carry laws help reduce the field to double-figures; Hilary Clinton wins the most one-sided election in the history of the country and recognizes Greenpeace as the legitimate opposition replacing the defunct Republican Party; out-of-work Republican Congressmen move to Canada to take advantage of the healthcare and reasonably priced drugs; Elvis is discovered living in Idaho and growing his own potatoes.

You never know …

What are your thoughts on this?

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