Sons of Anarchy

I know it is only a specialty license plate and not standard issue, but being a Son of the South, I am embarrassed to know this is still going on. I have no desire to sanction the flag of a gallant but murderous army: how many deaths were directly attributable to the forces that once fought under this flag?

Georgia Tag

Given my background one might expect that I would dismiss any concern because it is only a symbol, and, as they say, “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but Symbols can never hurt me.” Unfortunately in this case I connect the symbol less to a reverence for a struggle long ago and more with the current irrationality that demands more and bigger guns in case the Federal government steps out of line and the good ol’ boys are forced to shoot a few Congressmen and maybe even a President to make things right again.

No, a well-armed militia in the mountains of Idaho or the swamps of Georgia is not going to take over the country but they certainly might do something really stupid and dangerous. If you think about it, the real fear is the backlash that would be brought on by even a puny armed insurrection: that may be the quickest way of kill any remaining Freedom in this country.

Look at what happened after 9/11.

What are your thoughts on this?

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